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CRC Generator

When you need a high performance dimension change management solution then you should consider the Dataglue CRC Generator.

By employing cryptography algorithms the CRC Generator is guaranteed to provide unique hash values thereby overcoming the weakness of the SQL checksum function that has traditionally been the basis of delta detection.

To find out more and to view the component in action click here.


Every business problem, whether transparently simple or exceedingly complex, is fundamentally a problem that revolves around people. To solve it requires identifying and developing the business objectives, the understanding of the core business, and the way in which collaboration is conducted.

We are always keen to form a close working relationship with the project sponsor, stakeholders, project managers, and business users to ensure design, development, and delivery fit within a business╩╝s budget, timescale and resource.

And within that framework deliver detailed analysis that will provide value to the business.