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Every business problem, whether transparently simple or exceedingly complex, is fundamentally a problem that revolves around people. To solve it requires identifying and developing the business objectives, the understanding of the core business, and the way in which collaboration is conducted.

We are always keen to form a close working relationship with the project sponsor, stakeholders, project managers, and business users to ensure design, development, and delivery fit within a business’s budget, timescale and resource. And within that framework deliver detailed analysis that will provide value to the business.

Business Analysis
Data mapping
Data dictionary
Data quality


To create a solution that will be robust, scalable, and offer cost effective maintenance and performance in line with the priorities assigned to a business’ requirements, necessitates tailor made information architecture.

Our approach is always to create a strong clean design utilising the best aspects of the Kimball and Inmon methodologies with respect to ETL processes and data warehouse creation within the constraints of the existing architecture. We also make a point of keeping up to date with all relevant industry trends and emerging technologies.

Technical Architecture
Database Design
Multi-Dimensional Modelling


Once a finalised design and road map has been agreed upon, development can begin. Information from disparate data sources is brought together in a centralised location and conformed to create a 360 degree view of the business’ processes and underlying logic. This will be the foundation of all business reporting.

We take a great pride in our development and adhere to best practises to maintain optimised, robust solutions with tight controls on testing. We are continually improving our practises though regular training and constant review of industry trends. We develop using SQL 2008 & SQL 2005 (SSMS) and their respective tool sets namely Analysis Services (SSAS) for OLAP analysis, Integration Services (SSIS) for ETL operations, and Reporting Services (SSRS) for user based reporting. We code in transact SQL (T-SQL) with SSMS and Multidimensional expressions (MDX) with SSAS.

Database programming
Data warehousing
Web development
Report development


The end goal is to have consistent, timely information available to the business, to enable them to leverage data for efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage. When coupled with best practices, the result is efficient, systematic control of records and information to attain business objectives while simultaneously reducing risk.

Once rigorous testing has been conducted by the business and the measures of success set down by the sponsor and stakeholders have been achieved, we don’t finish there. We believe that training power users and encouraging best practises, whilst providing ongoing support is an essential part of inspiring confidence in a new business intelligence solution.

Project Management
Risk Analysis
User Acceptance Testing